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Abaya 2013-2014 | Designer Arab Abaya Collection 2013-14

Now a days Abaya are not just a part of Islamic dress, it is a symbol of fashionable lady and modesty. Old burqa fashion is out and designer abaya's has took place. The abayas of 2013 are full length, funky, and embellished with variant items.Abaya / Hijab has a way of formatting morality in a women but also leads to modest views.As demand is increasing, some new abaya brands are getting involved in business, and inserting multiplicity of types and design  that are favoured by women specific regions, religious and cultural interpretations.Today we are introducing Arab abaya in black color because Black abayas are more commonly worn in Gulf, Arab and Middle Eastern as Islamic Clothing.Lets Have a look.

 Arab Abaya 2013-2014
Latest Arab Abaya Design

Designer Arab Abaya
Contrasted Arab Abaya

Black Arab Abaya

Applique Work abaya

Silk made abaya

Fashion of Abaya 2013

Fashion designers are waking up and springing up the new designs in market so we fetched funky outer wear and expanded on Clothing9 platform. These abayas are embellished with embroidery, silk made flowers and Applique work.Hope you enjoy the latest Designer Arab Abaya Collection 2013-14.

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