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Basic Principles of Cutting in Dress Sewing - Lesson 1

Today we decided to add a new segment in Clothing9, in this segment we teach you how to stitch or sew your dresses yourself  - as eid event is coming and tailors stop taking more orders so now you prepare dress for eid, but before starting our first class we like to tell some basic rules of cutting because after measurement cutting is most important part of sewing, without learning the secrets of cutting we could not make a perfect dress.
Here are some tips / rules of cutting if you take in consideration then you will be able cut a dress like tailors.

1- If you are cutting fabric on floor then floor should be clean / plain and at least you should have 5ft by 2-1/2ft area or table of this size.if you see any stains on floor then mop the floor before cutting.

2- Scissor size should be at least 10", scissor should be clean and stainless.Scissor edges and tip should be sharp.
3- Check carefully that you drawn right measurement on fabric and fabric also set in correct way, never take less fabric then measurement
4- Before cutting the fabric properly iron the fabric to remove all wrinkles, use right temperature when ironing the fabric.
5- We know you people are in learning process so we suggest that you should mark all size on paper first and make graph or draft because we don't want that you waste the fabric just for the single mistake.
6- Always use tailor chalk for marking on fabric and never use ballpoints for marking.take some basic colors in tailor chalk like blue, white and red because these colors are visible on all shades of fabric.
7- When marking straight lines on fabric then you should use tri-square and for all other shapes use curve scale.
8- Always cut the fabric from where marks are drawn.
9- When you are cutting the fabric then take care that only right hand moving with scissor, do not move your body to right or left.
10- For less then 1 inch cutting use tip of scissor like button hole or side pocket.
11- For more then one inch cutting use the edges and take long stoke and move the scissor on lines drawn with chalk.
12- After cutting gather all the parts of dress and fold the fabric parts and put in a bag to avoid future problems.


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