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How to Measure Salwar Size -Lesson 3

Our third class based on measurement of Asian Salwar ( normal shalwar / Simple Salwar ).Here we are going to teach you how to take size from stitched salwar. Look on No 14 picture no 3 in which you can see we have taken salwar length measurement mentioned by numbers 23 and 24.
Now we go for salwar width or Ghair size that can be seen in image 3 with arrow 23 to 25.
At 16th stage we take waist to between legs measurement or Aasan size that has been mentioned with a arrow sign from point 25 to 26.
Here is last measurement of shalwar bottom width that call payencha or Ankle hole can see ankle hole size from pints 24 to 27.
Now we tell you the formula of cutting size.
For length you have to apply this Formula: Exact length+3 inches= cutting length.
for example your salwar original length was 38 so after applying the formula it would be 41 inches so when you take fabric so much take a fabric that has 82 inches length for both side of salwar.
for more guidance please have a look on image-4 and Salwar length chart.
For salwar width please apply this formula : original width + 2 inches = cutting width.
for example your real width was 22 but after applying the formula it would be 24.
For more understanding please look at salwar width chart and image-5 points 30 and 31.
Here is formula for Waist to between legs : Original length + 2-1/2 inches = cutting length.
here we describe that if your real Aasan width was 16 then after adding two and a half inches it would be 18.5 inches.for more information please look at waist to b/w legs chart and image 6 points 32/33.
Now the turn of Bottom width formula  : salwar ankle hole width + 1 inch = cutting width.
for example real bottom width is 9 so adding 1 inch from formula it would become 10 at the time of cutting mark on 10 inches.for more instance please check image 7 points 34 and 35.
In our next class we will come with cutting of shirt or kameez so stay tune with clothing9.
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