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Nishat Linen Winter Designs 2013 / 2014 | Nisha Eid Collection 2013

Fashion means a prevailing trend of dress, that has been adopted in society for the specific period. Fashion is with us since we started to use clothes to cover the body. But interesting thing is that how does fashion travel from region to region? and how does a fashion reach and become popular among public in short span of time? In the early period photographs were the main source to spread fashion towards public, Although the method of disseminating trend is still in use but these days of cable and satellite broadcasting use is on the rise to give popularity to fashion. Any tendency has emerged in public in few minutes due to media. Mass adoption of satellite channels has become the key source of visual persuasion in fashion communications. Media has brought revolution the new dimension of fashion, and audience has found a major informative fashion portal. There are many fashion channels and programs, playing key role for fashion. These segments covers different fashion events like runway shows, exhibitions, sale of designer collections to brands across the world.
Nisha - Gulkari Winter Collection 2013

Last night i have seen Nishat Eid 2013 commercial video, in which they profiling designer and promoting the latest eid trend awareness. On other show Leaders of fashion were giving their opinions, and also was describing the market behavior for Eid season. Moreover pushing a positive spirit in people to get traditional designs instead of western ones. That is the only reason today we also fetched a Nishat Linen Winter Designs 2013 / 2014 collection that includes some unique traditional dresses, creatively printed in floral, check, lines and abstract style with intricate embroidery. Every dress has designed according to the needs of clients and demand of season. Nisha Eid Collection 2013 perfect blend of casual, Formal, semi casual and party wear combination in a one catalogue.Hope you like the trend forwarded by Nishat Linen. In our last post we have shared the Nishat Winter Magazine 2013 and now we brought snapshots. Lets scroll down and have a look to find a eid dress for yourself.
Nisha-Checks & Lines Winter Designs 2013-14

Nishat Linen Winter Designs 2013

Nisha - Earthy Tones Pert Collection

Nisha - Emerald Green for Parties

Nisha - Ethnic Blue Eid Range

Nishat Linen - Winter Pattern Designs

Nisha - Jewel tone Eid Collection

Nishat - Royal Collection 2013-14

Nishat Linen Textures Collection 2013

Nishat Linen Versa Collection for Eid

Nisha Culture Fun Prints


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