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Reeva Designer Emboridered Magazine 2013-2014 | Reeva Designer Suits

Shariq Textiles proudly presents Reeva Embroidered Collection 2013.A superb fusion of classic and contemporary, A perfect blend of ethnic and traditional designs set in vibrant hues and printed on premium lawn quality fabric is what Reeva Designer Suits is all about.Everyday a new brand hitting the boundary of apparel retail industry and the emergence of new brands opting out with rapid development and growth as well as setting new limits of competition for old textile giants, certain scenario of emergence has groom upward the Pakistani textile industry and has been providing a better client experience.As we look around the brand position then analysis show us that Shariq Textiles remains on sustainable position in fashion.House of Shariq has been inaugurated over 20 years ago, Being a progressive clothing brand Shariq Textiles has strong global presence in international fashion market.let's join me first we take a look on Reeva Designer Emboridered 2013 footage,  then will do describe the design philosophy.

There distinctive philosophy, the quintessence of professionalism are the significant features of Reeva Embroidered Magazine.They deeply concentrated the cultural values while creating outfits for modern women.Reeva by Shariq has brought traditional printed yet embellished dresses in Reeva Designer that contains dresses for parties.Here we are embedding the Reeva Designer Emboridered Collection 2013 magazine please click here to view the magazine.

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