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Maria B Winter / Fall Collection 2013 | Maria B Unstitched Pashmina Dresses-13

A person who create clothes for the particular time according to cultural and social influences called fashion designer. Fashion varies from season to season and bringing new trend for every season with public choice is a art. Only a few designers understand their customers in Pakistan and Maria-B is one of them. Maria b is self employed fashion designer: she design clothes for high fashion department stores to individual customers too. Maria B specialize in deliver original designs as well as follow latest fashion trends. Her each dress illustrates itself the qualities and skills are hidden behind it, therefore her every collection gain an amazing look into today's fashion business. We are glad that today we got opportunity to write about the girl in million, Yes! true she is Maria- B. Maria B has recently introduced Pashmina Dresses in market as Winter / Fall Collection 2013 for Eid festivities too.

 Maria B Winter / Fall Collection 2013-2014
She brought excellent prints, stealing patterns, rich colors and appealing illustration in this winter set. To make the perfect dresses of eid she has been carefully involved the embroidery. She has completely followed the principles of exclusive fashion trend, and submitted ideal clothes with ankle length shirts. In this Pashmina Winter Collection 2013-14 she also has kept in consider the consumer's choice, and she offered the customize option in the form of Unstitched pieces.Maria B Unstitched Pashmina Dresses-13 will be an elegant presentation for winter season so lets have a look and pick a decent piece for winter casual wear.
Winter Pashmina Dresses
Un-Stitched Dresses for Winter
 Pashmina Winter / Fall Dresses
 Maria-B Collection for Parties
Maria B Unstitched Eid Dresses
 Thread Embroidery Work on Unstitched Shirts
 Embroidery Work on Pashmina Shirts
 Pashmina Dresses 2013 for Wnter
 Maria B Unstitched Pashmina Collection-13
 Maria B Pashmina Dresses for Eid


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