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Firdous Khaddar Winter/Fall Collection 2013-14 | Firdous Khaddar For 2013-2014

Firdous has introduced Embroidered + Printed Firdous Winter Collection 2013 yesterday. In recent launch Firdous Cloth Mills has revealed Khaddar dresses for winter days. As we all know that many other brands also brought Khaddar collection for Wint, but Firdous Winter Fall Collection 2013- 2014 prints are very unique and multi color schemes has been included in patterns. Stitching or tailoring style differs because Khaddar dresses contains straight cuts designs enriched with folk embroideries on fragile prints. Firdous Khaddar Collection will be the perfect style to express you fashion sense  because of workmanship, decorative patterns in a distinctive forms. Printing patterns are developed from geometric shapes, foliage, flowers, leaves and figures of birds are also represented in this Firdous Khaddar for 2-13-14, So lets have a look.

Firdous Winter Khaddar Collection 2013-2014

New Khaddar Design

Firdous Embroidered Khaddar for Winter-13

Firdous Fall 2013 Khaddar Dresses

Khaddar Kurti for Tights

Elegant Firdous Dress for Parties
Firdous Printed Khaddar Shirt
Firdous Embroidred Khaddar
Firdous Printed Khaddar
Firdous Cloth Mill Khaddar 2013
Firdous Khaddar for Winter

Khaddar Prints 2013

Latest Dress from Firdous Khaddar
Formal Khaddar Dress
  2013 Party Wear Dress
Khaddar Party Wear Dress

Firdous Double Shirt Khaddar

Firdous Fall 2013 Khaddar
Firdous Khaddar For 2013-2014

Winter/Fall Khaddar

ColorFul Khaddar

Khaddar Embroidered Dresses
Firdous Designer Khaddar
Full Printed Long Shirt

Firdous Khaddar Prints 2013

Firdous Khaddar Designs for Girls

Black and White Firdous Khaddar

Bane Collar Khaddar

Straight Cut Khaddar Dress

Fall Winter Khaddar 2013-14


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