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Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2013-14 Vol-2 | Gul Ahmed Shop Vol-2 Winter Collection

Gul ahmed is a trend examiner brand with all fashion prowess. Their staple trend never goes out of style because of their deep research and trend monitoring before throwing any collection in market. Gul ahmed Shop known as long lasting trendsetter brand with high quality material, therefore Women's anxiously awaits to seek Gul Ahmed dresses. in the huge range of winter collection it is very difficult to get the right dress in a budget. For our readers convenience we are mentioning the prices of Gul Ahmed volume 2 2013 Collection. In this Collection we have brought Pashmina Shawl, Black and White Collection, Cashmere Digital and Pure linen collections of vol-2. Gul ahmed volume-2 consists of intricate digital printed dresses detailed with rich embroideries and motifs work. Beside of these luxury elements Gul ahmed has enriched winter / fall dresses with tailor art and sewing designs. So take the sartorial plunge on Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2013-14 Vol-2 we're betting that you'll get your money's worth.

Gul Ahmed Shop Vol-2 Winter Collection

Gul Ahmed Cashmere Digital Printed dresses are designed for party wear solution, it contains Printed shirt, dupatta & dyed shalwar with lace and motifs detailing in 4,000 Pkr.

Gul Ahmed Cashmere Digital Prints

Cashmere Digital Front Open Double Shirt Dress

Cashmere Digital Design by Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed Cashmere Long Shirts

Gul Ahmed Embroidered Pashmina Vol-2

Gul Ahmed Pure Linen for Winter / Fall 2013

Gul Ahmed fall / winter Viscose Collection price is 2,800 Pkr. It has casual wear dresses in three piece style like a Printed shirt, dupatta & dyed shalwar.

Gul Ahmed VISCOSE Dresses 2013-14

Gul Ahmed Militry Shirts with Two Pockets and Tunics

Tunics in Poncho Styles

Viscose Dresses for Winter / Fall 2013

Gul Ahmed Linen Collection Vol-2

Gul Ahmed VISCOSE 2013

Viscose Prints On Linen Fabric

Modern Long Tunics on Viscose

Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2013-14 Vol-2

Gul Ahmed Black and White Collection 2013 Vol-2

Black and White Collection by Gul ahmed is part of volume-2, The all dresses of this section include Printed shirt, dupatta & dyed shalwar in 2,700 Pkr.

Black and White Dresses 2013

Black and White Salwar Kameez

Black / White for Winter 2013-14

Gul Ahmed Vol-2 Black and White

Black and White Coat Shirt dress

Classic Black and White Prints

Gul Ahmed Pashmina Shawl Collection 2013-14

Gul Ahmed Pashmina Shawl dresses include Classic printed shirts, Dyes Shalwar and Pashmina Shawls instead of dupatta.

Pashmina Embroidered Shawls

Embroidered Pashmina Dress

Price 5,000

Printed Pashmina Dress

Price 4,500

Gul Ahmed Printed Pashmina's

Price 5,000

Pashmina Dress for Parties

Price 4,500

 Gul Ahmed Collection 2013-14 Vol-2

Price 4,500

 Gul Ahmed Collection at London Fashion Week 2013

 Gul Ahmed Shop Vol-2 Collection Stockist


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