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Nishat Shawls in Stores for Winter 2013-2014 | Nishat Linen Pashmina / Silk Shawls

Nishat Linen is subsidiary of Nishat group a well known multinational company. Nishat group is associated with major business sectors of Pakistan like cement, banking, textiles. Nishat group keeps a excellent reputation in business and financial industry  etc of Pakistan. Nishat does rank in top five business houses for the strong presence management skills, unparalleled and consistent quality. Like other sectors Nishat textile industry also has largest composite structure, Nishat Linen ( flagship brand of Nishat ) known as complete wardrobe solution for kids, men and women. It provide wide range of essential clothes to accessories. Nishat is performing a good hospitality being a favorite brand and producing best trendy items for every weather demand. Recently it has come up on the fashion screen with two amazing and stylish winter collection 2013 / 14 for gents and ladies. Winter Dresses has been launched with the gape of a day, but Few hours ago we have updated you with Naqsh Kurta Shalwar, and now Clothing9 is back on the map of fashion with Nishat Linen Shawl collection for Winter 2013-14. In this Shawls packet Nishat has introduced traditional wraps with the touch of modern art like Digital print on woven fabric. Nishat Woolen Shawls developed with Silk and yarn fibers, moreover digital prints has been assigned for decoration. The Color schemes is very prominent and Nishat has used graphical, floral, geometric patterns for Nishat-Linen Winter Collection-13. These Digital printed Shawls has been paired with tops and Skinny / stretchy jeans to give a new idea of winter trend. If you are not a skinny and top lover then pair Pashmina / Silk Shawls 2013 with any dress instead of Dupat-ta and give a unique look to your personality and add grace by selecting Nishat Shawls. Nishat Shawls are available on all leading stores for winter sell.

Nishat Linen Shawls Winter Collection 2013

Woolen Shawls for Jeans

NL Digital Printed Shawls

Woolen Winter Shawls 2013-14

Nishat Linen Pashmina Shawls

Nishat Linen Silk Shawls 2013-14
Nishat Linen Silk Shawls

Nishat Linen Shawls in Stores

Winter Shawls Designs by Nishat

Nishat Shawls for Winter 2013/14

Shawl with Jeans / Top
Wraps by Nishat Linen
Shawl and Jeans fashion

Ladies Woolen Shawls

Shawls with Rose Flower Patterns

Best Shawl Designs

Colorful Winter Shawls

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