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Creative Mehndi by Henna Artist Riffat | Latest Ethiopian Henna Designs 2014-15

Mehndi Designs
Henna is widely in use from generations, and historians refer it with Islamic tradition. Significantly, it belongs to Muslim rituals but now due to fashion controversies many religions has adopted Mehndi trend to decorate body. Many people has associated to Mehndi for good luck, sensuality of ancient age, as well as health and positive magical element. Mehndi application is part of Arab world from centuries, and now South Asian countries also prefer this trend, and do hold a henna ceremony in weddings. In earlier age mehndi application was very simple and only include geometric / shapes patterns and simple flowers, but; modern age brings lots of innovation, creativity and modernity in Henna Designs. Many people has joined the mehndi application as their profession, and it has increased in demand, Hence Henna Artist are gaining global attention. In the beautician industry Creative Mehndi Artist "Riffat" has keeps a good reputation due to classical, modern and creative henna styles. She has deep expertise in regional and global Mehndi drawing, Therefore Her Henna Designs follow Sudani Mehndi style, Arabic mehandi, Indian Mehndi, Pakistani Mehndi blended in Ethiopian Henna Designs. Today our henna selection is based on Riffat's Latest Ethiopian Mehndi Collection. In this Ethiopian Henna collection she has brought creative mehndi designs for Neck, Hand, Feet and Waist. These Mehndi Designs has intricate mehndi cuts and delicate combination of various patterns. These Creative Mehndi by Henna Artist Riffat are best as bridal Mehndi, wedding mehndi and ceremonial henna, So those girls who loves creativity with modernity in Mehndi style have a look on Mehndi Collection 2014-2015.

Creative Mehndi for Neck

Ethiopian Mehndi Designs

Henna Artist Riffat Mehndi Designs

Ethiopian Mehndi DesignsEthiopian Mehndi Designs

Ethiopian Henna Designs for Hand

Ethiopian Mehndi DesignsEthiopian Mehndi Designs

Ethiopian Mehndi Designs for Feet

Ethiopian Mehndi DesignsEthiopian Mehndi Designs

Latest Ethiopian Mehndi

Ethiopian Mehndi DesignsEthiopian Mehndi Designs

Ethiopian Mehndi for Classical Dancers

Classical Mehndi DesignsClassical Mehndi

Creative Mehndi in Ethiopian Style

Creative MehndiCreative Mehndi

Ethiopian Mehandi Designs for Brides

Creative MehndiBridal Creative Mehndi

Henna Artist RiffatMehndi Artist Riffat is highly skilled, competent makeup and henna professional. She is UK based henna artist serving the industry from decade due to great experience and knowledge. She got trained from Ray Cochrane School of London, and after that she has joined the beauty sector. She keeps the award of working with Madonna’s in ‘Frozen’ video. Her Mehndi Designs made from natural henna and she has deep expertise in drawing beautiful, creative and intricate Mehndi Designs. Last year creative Mehndi Artist Riffat has demonstrated her henna art on golden jubilee celebration and showcased Queen Elizabeth drawing, this exhibitions  gave her extreme fame in henna industry. Now she is going to launch exhibitions in morocco and Pakistan.She is participant of "Apna Virsa" Contemporary Asian Arts Event held in Slough. In Apna Virsa celebration, she shown the rich heritage of south Asia in her Henna art. Her amazing explanation of ancient tradition in Mehndi has fascinated the public; therefore Clothing9 has brought Riffar Bhara Creative Mehndi collection 2014-15  in Ethiopian Style on Blogging platform.

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