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Fancy Farasha Designs for Evening Parties | Heavy Formal Farasha Dresses 2014

Since the fashion has crossed the boundaries with the help of technology and electronic media, has had a profound impact on the design of clothing and styles. The recent influence of global fashion also can see on Pakistani dressing, and the Fancy Farasha Designs are the evidence of global effects. In this Farasha collection we can observe that how a middle east trend has affected the Pakistani fashion. Farasha dress is ankle length gown which is very prominent in Arabian culture and well known as outer wear in middle east. But in this Formal Farasha Dresses designer has taken the inspiration of basic style from Arabian dressing and amalgamated it with Asian cuts and designs. Farshi mean floor length but in Evening Wear Farasha 2014, designer has brought modernity by falling surrounds from back and lifted from front of shirt. Moreover has used many popular sewing patterns like Front open, Frocks styles and A line shapes. The Formal Farasha Designs also has small touch of westernity. Farasha Dress designer has installed the luxury version of modern plus classic embroideries nourished with fancy elements to lodge a unique charm to deliver a perfect Evening Parties dresses. Furthermore the Churidar combination is sliding the pretty look with the stylish cuts of Farasha Dresses. So have a peak on Party Wear Heavy Formal Farasha Designs 2014.

Front Open Long Farasha Dresses 2014

A line Farasha Designs for Parties

Luxury Farasha for Formal Wear

Fancy Farasha Dress

Evening Parties Farasha with Heavy Embroidries

Farasha Gown 2014

Fancy Farasha Designs

Black Farasha Dress in Pakistan

Pakistani Farasha Designs

Party Wear Formal Farasha Dress

Wedding Wear Farasha Designs

Bridal Wear Farasha Dress 2014-15


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