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Zahra Ahmad Ottoman Collection 2014-15 | Ottoman Inspired Party Fashion Trends

Since, Pakistani electronic media has broadcasted the Turkish plays, Few TV channels has become center of attention. Geo Kahani is one of them which has gained huge popularity among public for the historical play "Mera Sultan". Mera Sultan is the story of Suleiman the Magnificent emperor, He was the tenth longest reigning emperor of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey. Due to major victories his monarchy is very prominent in history. The story of Mera Sultan have highlighted the historical events as well their lifestyle and manners of Turk dressing. Many from us has been impressed with dressing style and fashion trends of 16th century, And women's keeps desire to get a dresses and accessories of there favorite characters like Hürrem Sultan, Mahidevran Sultan, Mihrimah Sultan, Hatice Sultan. So today Clothing9 is revealing the Ottoman Inspired 16th-century fashion trends by Zahra Ahmad for parties. For this Ottoman Collection 2014 Zahra has taken deep imagination from Turkish lifestyle and dressing. Zahra Ahmad has brought the same floor length style of Turkish culture with designs and accessories. The Zahra Ahmad Ottoman Collection 2014-15 is not completely launched yet so we will update you with new updates soon, Till then have a descriptive view.

Zahra Ahmad Ottoman Collection 2014 for Parties


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