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Alkaram Qadri Abaya Designs 2014-2015 | Al Karam Abaya Collection 2014

Al Karam Qadri has been launched with the goal to win the fashion world and become the most convenient, favorite Islamic fashion designer / clothing provider. They achieved the vision by keeping the customer satisfaction on top of column, Soon they have understood that what a modern lady want to wear. Currently following the Islamic dressing isn't very easy due to growing challenges because a modern lady deserve to feel confident and chic with Islamic clothing. So Al Karam Qadri group has endeavored to ensure the Muslim ummah by providing a uniquely designed Islamic trend. Present-day women's feels proud to wear AlKaram Qadri Abaya designs. Because their Abaya collections compliance the most dedicated styles and contains the mushy fabric which is best for every climate. Alkaram Qadri noticeable regional inspired Abaya Designs are getting focus. There quality excellence in abaya material, diversity in style, dignity in embellishment and creativity in structure has conquered the heart of public. Hence, Clothing9 has brought a luxurious and modern islamic fashion by Alkaram Qadri to wrap you in the latest abaya trend of 2014-2015.

Al-Karam Qadri Abaya Collection 2014

Latest Abaya Collection 2014 is contains the tasteful robes inspired from the regional patterns of Gulf, Dubai and Middle east countries. The Abaya has been made on lush and rich fabric and decorated with high class material. The Cuts and styles of Abaya are enhancing the femininity and royalty in Abaya dress. The contemporary stitching on modern patterns has poured the five star beauty, Moreover the blend of traditional designs has brought a most effective Islamic clothes for women's. Al-Karam Abaya Group has taught to all other islamic fashion brands; that how could deliver a most traditional and contemporary Abaya Collection when our ladies are very conscious. So have a look on Alkaram Abaya Collection 2014-2015.

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Al-Karam Abaya 2014


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