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Fabric Manipulation Important Designs for Dresses | Lesson-6

Fabric Manipulation Designs for DressesFabric Manipulation is famous technique which we use to decorate clothes as well to make tea pot cover, cushions, pillows, curtains, bed sheets and other items for decorative purpose. This is the very common art in sewing and tailoring while we come to design necklines, sleeves hole, surrounds or shirts borders and most importantly we use it for belt-salwar. So how it's possible that we teach you the sewing but leaving the ways to manipulate fabric. So after the basic neckline shape, today we are going to guide you fabric manipulating with designs and ideas. Basically there are five branches of manipulation, 1-gathering, 2-pleating, 3-tucking, 4-shirring, 5-quilting woven things. In tailoring we use first four commonly. In sewing and designing Manipulating is endless art, hence to be the best tailor we have to be the expert of all small and big techniques. Perhaps, you are familiar with these arts and if not then Clothing9 fabric manipulation tutorial will aware you.
Because these simple techniques are enough to change the whole look of dress without any precious elements. you just need thread, needle and fabric; that's it. Below you can see how out talented sewing artist has created different textures with manipulating technique and embellished the fabric with unique designs with fold, waves, puffs, projection, pleating, shirring, gathering and tucking. You are able to make these manipulating designs with the help of machine too. For example your dress has hole and you want to fix it so use the gathering work by joining contrast fabric or same one on the place of hole. Or you want to decorate the simple dress with sober but Important Designs of fabric manipulation on Dresses; so give the hints of pintucks / shirrings. To get ideas of manipulation techniques then please have a look below.
Important Designs of Fabric Manipulation or Dresses in Lesson-6
Fabric Manipulation Designs for Dresses

Fabric Manipulation Designs for Dresses

Fabric Manipulation Designs for Dresses

Fabric Manipulation Designs for Dresses

Fabric Manipulation Designs for Dresses

Fabric Manipulation Designs for Dresses

Gathering Detailed Frocks and Short Dress

 Pleated Frock and Skirt Blouse

 Shirring Tops and Tucked Kurtis

For more instance we have shared the exclusive images of Pin-tucking, Shirring, gathering and pleating detailed dresses for our beloved readers, Close up the image to get preview.

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