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How to Sew Kameez Front / Back Neck | Scoop / U NeckLine Tutorial

Stitching or Sewing is fun; to be expert of tailoring anyone should have the strong sense of creativity, inspiration and understanding of technique. But due to the less scale of technical education or short number of vocational institutes many girls are unable to fulfill their hobbies. Sewing is one of the basic hobby of every girl; so being the favorite destination of fashion of girls; Clothing9 has decided to teach you sewing. And today we are sharing our 5th tutorial of sewing & cutting. Before starting the lesson#5, we want to briefly tell you that what you will learn. Well! In this class we will guide you that how you can create a stylish neckline of you casual, formal or embroidered dresses with few basic steps.
This sewing tutorial also give you idea to make back neckline of shirt / kameez. Front or back necklines are two significant parts of kameez and it need more care while sewing so instead of teaching the full kameez we have decide to start with front and back necklines designing so let's start the tutorial How to Sew Kameez Front / Back Necklines.

Step-1: After Cutting Kameez take scissor, fusing / paper bukrum / stitch witchery / fabric adhesive ( it is the form of tape which we use to draw neck by sticking iron), tailor chalk, inch tape, common pins, fabric with matching thread roll and most important thing sewing machine and iron.Step-2 cut the 8" wider x 7" longer piece of fusing or paper tape ( it is special tape which we only use to create clothes necklines), you have seen in men's shirts collar of cuffs.
After taking the piece of fusing fold it once and mark for square and leave 1 inch from below and side. After drawing square give it U shape with the help of below given image.
Step-3: when marking of U shape is ready for front neck then cut it off like this. Look below

Step-4 after cutting off, take a larger piece of fabric and keep the gummy side of fusing on fabric and iron it. After the ironing process you will see that fabric and neck shape are sticky now so cut it according to the below mentioned image.
Step-5: after cutting the extra fabric sew the remaining fabric with the outer edges of fusing and after sewing the outer edges you will get this kind look. 

Here we have also taken the handkerchief shape fabric to cut piping for back.
We have taken the middle line of Shirt and Neck to make easy to lay the fabric and neck on right positing.
Step-6: after sewing outer edges, you neck is ready to sew on shirt, so put the ready u neckline on right side of shirt and safely pin it like this.
Pin the Fabric and Neck Like This

Step-7: after pinning the fabric and neckline, now stitch the fabric and neck with each other and take the stitches next to the fusing like this.
Here you can see the stitches, Get idea from this image
Step-8: after stitching you will get this type of look, when you successfully got the same look then pin out and cut the inner edges of neck but don't forget to leave half inch fabric in inner edge.

Step-9: now carefully cut the inner edge like these small cuts then you will able to easily fold the neckline to back side or wrong side of shirt.
Step-10: after smart cuts fold the neck to opposite side and sew like this.
Iron it your front neck is ready.
Now come to the back neck.
In the 3rd and 5th row imges you can see we have took a handkerchief shaped fabric and folded once and then cut it from the joined edge to get piping for the back neck. Please follow the images to get piping for back neck of shirt. 
When you have got piping now join the both shoulders of shirts by laying the back part of shirt and the carefully lay the front part of shirt on it and then stitch the shoulders like above image.
After joining shoulders, mark the scoop neckline on back part of shirt like  below mentioned image.
Cut the marked fabric like this.
Sew the piping with back neck and then iron it. Here is the look after ironing.
After Sewing back neck and piping will look like below footage.
Iron the back neckline and now fold the back piping like this.
Then folds the corner of shoulder like this to get finished look. Then stitch the piping.
Here is the closeup of corner fold to get finished look.
Here is the final look of my stitched front and back neckline of shirt / kameez. We have designed "U" neck for front and "scoop neckline" for back in it.
Kameez Front U NeckLine and Back Scoop Neck
Hope you also get the same look. Have a look the model is wearing our stitched shirt and felling fashioned girl. Stay tuned clothing9 because our next lesson will bring more exciting sewing techniques for you. Stay blessed!

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