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Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | How To Draw Smoky Eye with Easy Steps

Today we are describing; that how you can draw smokey eye with few easy steps. Well it's not necessary that you use only black shade to draw smoky makeup, you can highlight the smokey effect with gold, silver or any one of your favorite colors with black. So first pick the to merge with black ( as we have selected golden in tutorial). Now take matte mousse foundation to even out any flaws of your skin tone and then begin for the smokey makeup. Step-1 : Apply the thin layer of skin matching concealer or foundation to your skin and eyelid. This will help your eye shadow from becoming loose on your lid and coming off well before show to time.
Step-2 : With your eye liner trace your top lid, make sure that you are tracing from the inside and out leaving the end slightly thicker. If you wish you can turn or flick it outwards slightly at the end for a cat eye look.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial with 10 Easy Steps
Step-3 : If you'd like to apply eye liner to your inner rims. It will give it more defination, but be sure to blend with a q-tip before continuing. 
Step-4: Take your eye shadow brush and fill it with your lightest color in your three colors. brush it along your eye shadow line which will make it appear less harsh.Step-5 Choose a slightly darker color and cover the middle of your lid with your brush and eyeshadow by shaking on outwards towards the crease.
Step-6 With a much darker color then the first two, trace along the crease and socket of your eye and flick the brush outwards when you reach the corner. This will give you the bedroom eye effect that so many want.
Step-7 Apply a nude shimmer powder or shadow to your brow bone. This will give your eyes a pop effect as well as making you facial feature stand out.
Step-8 Use a soft brush ( separate from your eyeshadow brush) blend any harsh lines to give a more real and smokey look.
Step-9 Use a blush brush to simply brush off any excess powder. You don't want shadow all over your face.
Step-10 Simply add mascara, as well apply in daily routine. Step-11 Now your Smoke eye is easy after 10 steps. You are ready to join the party.


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