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Jeem Pret Eid Collection 2014-15 | Ready to Wear Pret Dress

Jeem designer is newly raised clothing label organized to transmit creativity and innovation in industry by Hamza Bokhari. It's aims to work with traditional designs to add ethereal design sensibility and comfortable pieces. This Eid-Ul-Adha JEEM has revealed Luxury Pret collection for parties with remarkable styles. Jeem luxury Pret Eid-Ul-Azha Collection 2014 includes chiffon, Georgette, crinkle, and broshia dresses. The designs are fused from eastern elegance but the color scheme features rich blend. The embellishments and patterns are classy but modernity is reflecting through application. We can observe the lovely fragrance of fancy embroideries and out class purity of fashion. Jeem Ready to Wear Pret is perfect combination of sleek designs and sheerness that stay alone in crowd. Being a new brand, Jeem formals has used creativity in Bakra Eid dresses to tell us that being old is not necessary to be top selling. It has taught to other newcomers that come with original designs and new trend to give tough time to big fishes. After formal eid collection 2014, latest luxe pret wear dresses are really impressive, it will add a modern and rich styles to your wardrobe and make you proud when you wear in parties. In this festive range, Jeem has introduced innovative mix of east and west and brought versatile designs of jackets with jeans, jacket with tops and tight, tail gown and short shirts with coat and straight trousers. You can get finest fabric with most lovely clothing styles of the era in jeem pret collection 2014-15. So let's discover the latest fashion trends for eid by jeem.

 Jeem Luxury Pret Eid Dress 2014-15

 Jeem Luxury Pret Eid Dress 2014 Jeem Luxury Pret Eid Dress 2014

 Jeem Luxury Pret Eid Jeckets 2014

Coat Dress for Girls

Tail Dress VS Jacket Shirts

Draping Gown

Open shirt with jeans and Sleeveless Tail shirts

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