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Nishat-Linen Pret Winter Dress 2014-2015 | NL Fall Pret Magazine

Winter is the season which bring cold with it but in fashion is is symbol of warm trends. Winter is sign of simplicity because mostly we like to adopt elegant, edgy and clean clothes during the season. We like to wear all type of fabrics that keep us warm and spread our individual fashion sense too. So today we have Nishat-Linen Autumn / Winter Lookbook 2014, it comprises on huge variety of  pret dresses.
Nishat linen introduced a urban clothing style in this catalog, The fashionable freedom is consist on embracing embroidery, passionate about prints and the new basics. The embroidery section features embroidery elegance, graphic grace with black, white and bold edgy embellishments to create a evening drama. Passionate prints section includes provincial inspired prints, bohemian, chic, north African notes, exotic aztec in bold and brave styles for autumnal elegance. The Grecian grace, flower power and mystical motifs are vital part of passionate dresses. The new basics features zippy clothes with glamorous cuts that especially in-blocked for winters. NL Fall Pret Collection 2014 brings the artisanal expertise and an artistic eye inspire you to through embroidery and prints. I am sure these remarkable designs of winter fall fashion will make you glad and force you to adopt the urban clothing. Nishat Linen Winter Pret Dresses has been made for young generation who wants to wear clothes with urban touch. They want ethnic or vintage clothing with western twist. So this Autumn winter pret clothing will fulfill their needs with eastern and western modification. This is another essential clothing trend that will create long lasting and ultimate impact in crowd.

Fall-Winter NL Pret Magazine 2014-15 by Nishat-Linen


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