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Gul Ahmed 2015 Vol-2 | Gul Ahmed Lawn Summer Catalog / Catalogue 2015-2016

As summer sets in, Gul Ahmed visualizes an idea as colourful as the season with "GulAhmed Summer Collection Vol-2". An array of exquisite lawn apparels are accented by an assortment of contemporary and classic designs. The add-ons are particularly special, giving the collections a premium expression. Guaranteed, it would be a little tough to resist temptation as all have what it takes to make the perfect statement. The Lawn Collection Vol-2 takes its audience on a journey of colour and style. It features innovative designs, cuts and hues, creating a diverse choice range for all age groups. More so, the summer lawn catalogue of gul ahmed 2015 features some futuristic and original creations as well as conventional masterpieces like Bandhani, preserved with innovation. Inspired by the richness and vibrance of the season, gul ahmed collection 2015 vol-2 cater to a diverse range of tastes and fashion trends. But the journey doesn’t end here. They also give you luxury with comfort. The exquisite embellishments come from allover the world, providing a lot of choices that it becomes possible for every woman to create her own style. You can indulge in the rich and luxurious Embroidered Lawn, La Chiffon or the Exclusive Silk that leads to absolute serenity. The quality and finesse of each collection will definitely dazzle you and lift up your spirit! With the summer heat on, Gul Ahmed Lawn Magazine / Catalog / Catalogue 2015-2016 2nd issue will enchant audiences with colourful and classy expressions, complementing the season in the most fitting way.
Undoubtedly, Gul Ahmed understands our needs and fashion sense what it means to create the right thing at the right time.
Gul Ahmed Summer Magazine 2015 Volume-2
Embroidered Chantilly de lace collection
Single LAWN collection
Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn Dresses 2015-16

Premium embroidered Chiffon Collection Vol-2

Chantilly de Lace c o l l e c t i o n

Prima Chiffon Lawn

Embroidered Prima in Gul Ahmed 2015 Vol-2
Banshani lawn collection

Embroidered Prima lawn collection
Embroidered Silk Chiffon Collection
Chantilly Collection

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