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Hair Fall Treatment by Home Remedies | Stop Alopecia Naturally

Hair fall is very common problem of today world. It is face by people across the world irrespective of age and sex. It is very embarrassing situation. it is also known as Alopecia in terms of medical science. The Cause of Hair fall are Pregnancy, Weight Loss, Dieting, Hormonal Changes, Stress and lack of nutrition. There are many home remedies prescribed by homeopathic experts to control hair fall and medical treatment is also available But before going to cure, we have to diagnose that what is cause of hair fall by symptoms. After finding the actual reason we can apply home remedies by which we can overcome from hair fall problem. In this post we will tell you that how you can stop hair loss naturally.

Hair Fall Treatment by Home Remedies

Alopecia / Hair Fall Home Remedies:

  • Aloe Vera - it has many medicinal properties. It helps to fight with the infection and maintain PH level of the scalp. it is also very useful herb according to homeopathy. Now let's know how we can use in hair loss. If you cut Aloe vera leaf then you can see gel form. This get is very useful in Hair loss and to get fruitful result in Hair fall.
  • Amla - it is very useful and very effective home remedy to prevent hair fall. It is also known for medicinal properties. Drinking amla juice on daily basis will be very also very helpful. You can take amla powder according to your hair length. Add lemon juice in this powder and mix it well and massage properly this mixture on to your scalp. Now we are going to move on third remedy for hair loss. This is egg.
  • Egg - Eggs are really well riching mineral zinc, iron and protein which are very useful for hair. Take white part of egg and add some olive oil and mix it well. Apply this paste on the scalp and massage it well and leave for 20 min and wash with mild shampoo.
  • Henna / Mehndi - Henna is very important according to homeopathy. It works really effectively in hair fall. It is also known for long as natural color and conditioner. if you add mustard oil or mustard powder in hina then it works better. In hair fall you can take 1 tbsp hina in a bowl and add some curd in and mix ir well. Add some water to make it proper paste and then apply this paste on hairs and leave for 30 min to get dry and then wash it. Use these natural remedies for few months to stop hair falling issue.

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