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J.Junaid Jamshed Abaya | J.J Abaya Collection | JJ Abaya Designs

Junaid Jamshed designed Abaya collection is in stores now. J abaya are simply chic and stylish. But are these abayas fulfill the basic guideline of veil of Islam? This is the first question flashes in mind after looking at J.Abaya collection. Abaya is Islamic dress and we wear it to follow the teachings of Islam and to hide our body according to Shariah. JJ Abaya Designs are loose structured and straight cut and comparatively good. In old era abaya was pure black and loose and simple. But now hijab and abaya are attention grabbing dresses. According to many Muslim scholars wearing modern abaya designs are not good due to attention capturing very fit and flattering style. Because such abaya dresses not follows the Islamic guidelines. But what our girls could do when abaya became symbol of fashion more than a Islamic clothes. Today purpose of abaya is being in limelight more then following Islam. And when we look at Junaid Jamshed abaya designs then this point gets more strong. Here our sim is not to criticize JJ, actually I m among fans but today I feel dishearten after looking such heavily embellished modern abaya in JJ portfolio. A brand that claims of being eastern and Islamic then how can pour unnecessary attention grabbing designs and style. Actually it is my feedback after looking at J.J Abaya Collection. Because if we forget our ethics, rituals and religion then what left in our culture? Nothing. Let's sideline the drawbacks then a ultimately superb and unique concept of abayas.

High Quality Abayas Online by J.Junaid Jamshed Store

J.Junaid Jamshed has offered Jersey fabric made black abayas in 2015-16 collection. The primary color is black and stones, embroidery and applique have been done in other shades. Abaya are loose and flowy that is really awesome and according to Islam. The inspiration for JJ abaya designs has been taken from middle east, Dubai and gulf countries and cuts and trims are easily revealing the basic idea of inspiration. J.J Abaya collection 2015-16 is luxe and rich. You can adopt Junaid Jamshed abaya fashion trend for regular wear as well as formal wear.

J.Junaid Jamshed Abaya Designs in New Collection of JJ BOUTIQUE

J.Junaid Jamshed Abaya Designs

Junaid Jamshed abaya design

JJ Abaya Collection for 2015

Junaid Jamshed Abayas Designs 2015

junaid jamshed boutique designs

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