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Lala Egyptian Cotton Clothing Fabric : Sana Samia Satin Collection 2015

Lala textiles presents bamber chiffon dupattas and Egyptian cotton suits for winter in Sana & Samia Egyptian Cotton Satin Collection. Almost every girl has heard the name of Egypt cotton and favorite for autumn season. They love to collect pure cotton dresses but very few among them knows that what is Egyptian cotton fabric actually. Egyptian cotton is export quality fabric that produce from a white balls that grow in a plant. Though we have best quality cotton plants in South Asia too; but Egyptian cotton plant is very popular for strong fibers. That is why trend of importing cotton from Egypt is growing. This sort of cotton clothes are reliable and absorb colors strongly. So when you buy LALA cotton dresses then you don't have to worry about that colors fades or fabric gets rough. It was first imported after civil war due to shortage of cotton in Asia. Since then it spread its roots in our industry. Today Shariq textiles and Lala prints are two major Egyptian cotton importers in Pakistan and they take white cotton and apply their own colors and prints to beautify it. This winter fall you can experience finest cotton suits by lala stocked in Sana and Samia Egyptian Cotton Satin Collection

Lala Egyptian Cotton Clothing Fabric

This is pure eastern style which carries strong and rich color palates. Every article in this catalog has own designing values and classy ornaments. The designer of lala has produced Sana samia winter cotton collection to make it ideal semi formal and evening fashion. Therefore with finest quality fabric, lovely prints and embroidery application have been offered. After vintage kurti stole, Egyptian cotton by lala for fall winter 2015 is another great achievement due to individuality and remarkable features. This Sana samia winter collection will restore class, style and quality in your daily wear fashion. So let's experience the durable, softer and cozy fabric launched in Sana samia winter cotton magazine.

Sana Samia Satin Winter Catalogue 2015 


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