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Hair Growth Remedies \ Shiny Healthy Strong Dandruff / Lice Free Hairs Tips

Today we brought home remedies to solve your all hair problems in snap of the fingers. After applying these home remedies or hair tips you will get healthy, strong and shine hairs without any lice problem or dandruff issue. Hairs - the most influencing and impressive element in women's beauty. In eastern society, long hair, shiny, strong and beautiful hairs are considered essential. But due to weather and humidity, pollution and hotness; getting such lovely hairs are not easy because long hairs means proper care, treatment. Sometimes girls experience lice in hairs, dandruff or other issues like dull and fizzy hair. Hair fall is common issue in girls, boys and even kids. Some physicians says that all hair problems are due to stress, some engage it with head diseases. In my views there are several causes of hair fall, dandruff, and dull hairs in Pakistani women. Such as they have long hairs and that is why they don't care too much of cleansing or choosing right shampoos so it result lice. Dandruff is also a strong reason of hair fall. Thinking too much, avoiding oiling in hairs, deficiency of vitamins in body, no proper diet are very common reason of hair falling issue. So to get rid from hair fall, lice and dandruff we have to take care of sleep, cleansing of hairs, and maintaining the vitamins amount in body is extremely necessary. 

Long Hair Remedies and Dandruff / Lice Free Hairs Beauty Tips

Apart from above reason another thing which is common in our society is blind trust on everyone such as someone advised to use us any specific brand then we blindly follow him without knowing the texture of hair, type and problem. So I also advice you please do not follow until you are not sure with all facts. Though hair fall is serious issue and girls take is very negatively because hair are symbol of beauty in Pakistan. So we understands it therefore we have brought home remedies and tips for hair fall problem. These hair fall tips are very useful and if you use it properly then your hairs get healthy and shiny. 

How to Get Quick Hair Growth and Healthy / Shiny / Long Hairs with Natural Treatment without lice of Danruff problem?

Using like warm oil is really good for hairs health and comb hairs after half hour of having meal. 
Hair message and oiling is very necessary for hairs and possible then apply oil at least once in a week for 3 to 4 hours. If you do not have 4 hours then use hot towel on hairs so that oil penetrate in pores quickly. Though henna is natural moisturizer but I know we do not have time to apply Hina so that you can use this home remedy to get rid from dandruff, dull and fizzy hairs.

Yogurt 1-cup
Olive oil 2-tsp
Lemon juice 2tdp
Hina powder 2 tbsp

It is very good of you keep yogurt in fresh air or room temperature for 24 hours before using it. 
Mix yogurt, Hina powder, lemon juice and oil in a bowl and apply this hair mask on hair and cover with fabric. Let it for 30 to 45 min and then ruins your hairs with a good shampoo. You will see the result in one use. You can use this home remedy once in 15 days. 

If you thinks that your hair fall is due to dandruff then just try lemon juice after every hair wash. 
Wash your hairs with any good shampoo and when your hairs completely washed then take 2 or 3 glass of water and add 2tbsp lemon juice in water and wash the hairs with this water. Use this tip every time when you wash hairs and within a month your dandruff will go away from you.

Alo Vera gel is very good for hairs and doesn't need so much efforts too. You can directly apply the Alo Vera plant gel in hairs and leave for half hour.
It also reduce your many hair issues in a month.
1- Apple juice tonic is good to get relief from dandruff. Mix 1TBSP pure apple juice and 3TBSP Luke warm water and massage this mixture into the scalp thrice a week and ruins the hair with mild shampoo.
2-Borax Powder which we use on the carrom board is another good element to get rid from flaky dry scalp. Create ROSEMARY 5TBSP infusion and add 1 pinch of Borax and massage this mixture daily into the scalp.
3-Hot Oil treatment is popular in Asian territories to reduce dandruff from hairs. Take coconut oil or olive oil and heat it. When it seems bearable warm then massage it into the scalp every night and wash with mild shampoo.
4-This remedy is best to remove Dandruff. Add 3 grams black paper into 300gm coconut oil and warm it. When oil gets boiled then sieve it with cloth and preserve in bottle and use every-night to massage into the scalp with fingertips.
  • Remedy for Split Ends
Split Ends - A very common issue in young girls. Which they experience due to hormonal changes in body. Here is very nice tip to avoid split ends.
Take one Egg yolk and add 2 TBSP lemon juice, 1TBSP mustard oil or olive oil and mix well then apply this mixture into hairs with proper massage and wash after one hour. This tip is also useful to get soft and lustrous hairs.
  • Tips / Home remedy for PREMATURE GREY/WHITE HAIR
Take a multivitamin containing zinc and proteins.
Eat liver roasted in ginger and lemon juice with small amount of salt. And add eggs, fruits and green vegetables in your daily meal or diet.
  • Long and Healthy Hair is Easy and Quick.
Here we have a tip for Healthy Long Hairs.
1 Pear of Peach, 1 egg, 1TBSP olive oil, 1TBSP vinegar, 1TBSP Mayonnaise, 1 Pinch saffron.
Mix all ingredient and apply this mixture on the scalp and leave it for 1 hour. This procedure it really good to get fast hair growth, health and shiny strong hairs.
  • HAIR PROTEIN TREATMENT is also good to get strong, healthy and shiny hairs. You can take it at home too.
1 teaspoon oil ( any oil which you use), 1 egg yolk and 1 cup water. Beat the egg yolk until it gets frothy, add the oil and the water and beat again. After beating well massage into the scalp and throughout your hair and rains after one hour.
3TSP olive oil or mustard oil, 2TSP Mayonnaise / Yogurt / Fresh Cream, Small amount of Nutmeg (Jayfal), 3 crushed almonds, and 1T BSP water.
Mix all above mentioned ingredients and make a mixture to apply over the scalp. Apply this on head scalp and leave it for 45 minutes and then wash with baby shampoo. Thrice a week is best to get good result very quickly.
  • Lice Problem in Hairs
From young girls to school going Kids, everyone experience hair lice due to unconditional weather of Pakistan.
Mix Chopped garlic into the lemon juice, water and vinegar and massage this solution into the scalp and leave overnight.
Also use aluminium hydro-oxide cream for 20 days at night / bedtime on the scalp.

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