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Sore Throat Treatment by Home Remedies

Soar throat is common disease; which occurs due to change of weather, pollution, dust or habit of drinking very cold water. Usually when we suffer from soar throat then pain and scratchy throat not allow us to eat anything and even breath properly. We can't sleep and the situation get worsen when we don't take proper treatment. According to my mom; when tonsils swallow due to viral infection then we feel soar throat. It might be true! because - in soar throat apart from pain, I feel something is blocked which is irritating me.

Few people get fever, body pain, sneezing, flue with soar throat. If you also suffer all diseases at once then it is indication of seasonal change. So you can use these home remedies as a treatment of soar throat.

Natural Tips for Sore Throat Treatment

Ginger tea - it is natural and very effective treatment of soar throat which also stops flue and cough. If you are living in cold place then drinking ginger tea thrice a week is very necessary for you to get rid from weather impacts.

The method of ginger tea is very easy. Take half inch piece of ginger, 2 cups water, sugar as per taste, cloves, cinnamon wood, tea and milk.

Add water, milk, 1inch cinnamon piece, crushed ginger, sugar and 2 or 3 cloves in a cattle and let it boil. When one cup water left then add tea in it and boil for a minute. And take this tea when it gets luke warm.

Mustard oil and salt - this is also very good in soar throat. Take 5 tbsp mustard oil and add 1 tbsp salt in it and mix it well and give a soft massage on neck of the patient with this mixture. After 5 to 10 min massage cover the neck with fabric for at least 20 minutes. It also reduce throat pain and give you relief from soar throat.

Honey is also very effective in any kind of viral infection. Take 1 glass luke warm water and add two tbsp honey in it and mix it well then drink it to get relief from pain and infection.
What we Eat in Soar Throat - Food for Patients :
In soar throat avoid eating solid food or meal and better take liquid food. Chicken stock is very good to get proper nutrition in illness. Take 4 or 5 2" pieces from chicken, 3 glass water, salt and black paper. Now add all ingredient in water and put on burner to boil. And let it to boil for thirty minutes. When 1 glass water left then add homemade bread in it and eat with spoon. This is very high nutrient food and soft meal for you which eradicate cold effects and energies you.


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