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Tips to Get Healthy Strong and Shiny Nails | Home Remedies for Nails

Healthy Nails are dream of every girl. Because according to physicians that nails represents your inner health situation. Health nails not only increase the beauty of hand as well as impress others in a glance. Broken, damaged and other fingernail problems can not only spoil the hand beauty as well as speaks about diseases. If you do not have smooth and consistent nails then you should consult the skin expert to know that why your nails are not in good shape or color. As these days liver, kidney, lung, heart disease, diabetes and anemia are common. So these disease are clear sign of spot or vertical ridges over nails. If you have ridges of white spots over nails then it is a indication that something is wrong in your body. Apart from consulting a doctor, you also can use home remedies to get shiny, strong and healthy nails. Do not bite cuticles with teeth. Below you can find  Top 10 Tips for Healthy, Shiny and Strong Nails.

Home Remedies for Healthy Strong and Shiny Nails

1- First of all take care of cleanliness of hands, The manicures is best for cleansing. Lemon is good to clean yellowish nails.
2- Massage Olive oil around nails in circular motion.
3- Peel-off Garlic to get strong nails.
4- Use moisturizer to add flexibility in nails.
5- File nails or trim broken edges at least once in a week.
6- Do not use cheap nails polish or nail-paint because low quality nails-paints are harmful and your nails became yellowish / blackish. Avoid acetone polish removers; it also can damage nail colors.
7- Mix garlic paste with apple cider vinegar and apply this serum on your nails daily.
8- Take any good multivitamin to get rid from inner body issues.
9- Having ZINC, POTASSIUM, VITAMIN A, C and E are good for nails.
10- In any sign of thickening, yellowing, crumbling of nails or skin peeling around finger Nails; Kindly consult with a good physician.

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