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Green Tea Remedy for Weight Loss - How to Use Green Tea in Fatness

Obesity and fatness is a common problem of today. There are several reason of being fat but the main reason is that we overlook our figure when we can control the weight. Fatness is root of every disease. If we take care of overweight body at right time and maintain the balance of energy in and out then FAT can be controlled easily. And we can get rid from many disease. Extra curricular activities in kids, exercise, going gym, walk and doing home chores are the easiest lose weight tips. But if you have time then you can perform these tasks. In shortage of time home remedies are best alternative of above mentioned tasks. Apart from other remedies GREEN TEA Remedy for Weight Loss is very famous. It is natural and have no side effects that's why every one is using Green tea weight loss remedy without any worry. As gaining weight means stress and stress mean fatness. So first of all Clothing9 will advise you to take care of your fitness and don't take stress. After that use Green Tea Weight Loss Remedy; though it is slow but you can loss many pounds in a month which you put on in a week.

How to Use Green Tea Remedy for Weight Loss - in Fatness

  1. Heat up 8 glasses of water.
  2. When it begins to boil, add 6 tsp of green tea and let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. When water reduce in 6 glasses then add a stick of cinnamon (daar cheeni), 1 cardamom (elaichi), 1 stick mulethi, a pinch kalonji, 1 clove (laung), 1 ginger and half inch garlic piece.
  3. Let it to boil again for 2 or 3 min,now add 8 / 10 mint leaves and store it in a thermos. Sprinkle 1-TBSP lemon juice in a cup and brown sugar before drinking. Drink 6 to 8 cups daily. 
This is very easy and complete method / procedure of using green tea in fatness. So reduce your weight and stay happy.


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