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Black and White Cambric Dresses by Thredz | W/F Collection 2015-2016

Thredz introduced new winter cambric dress collection 2015-16 for women with black and white theme. Like many other girls, do you also like darker shades or kind of black and white collection? If yes then get adventurous and thrilling black and white Cambric dresses in Thredz winter collection. Any brand who doesn't know that what fashion savvy audience wants then it is not valuable. But now mind reading of customers with prevailing trend knowledge is most focused things by different labels. Thredz also prepare its collection with full attention and whenever it took part in fashion brings influencing prints. It has own individual solo which comprises style, quality, sophistication and classy ideas. With same theme; THREDZ Limited Edition Black & White Collection has been introduced.

Thredz Fall Winter Cambric Black n White Collection 2015-2016

 In which not only colors and printing standard have been improved as well as designing ideas. Thredz Cambric black and white dresses have been nourished with abstract and folk textures inserted with floral majesty. The color scheme is black in base and white amalgamated with any second color in printing. Though thredz unveiled limited black&white collection but for Muharram activities it is simple, youthful and decent trend.
If you wear thredz winter collection then no one can stop him to admire your choice. So get ready for compliments like outstanding, stylish, superb, or astonishing by including Cambric black and white suits in closet.

Cambric black and white dressesBlack and White Cambric Dresses by Thredz

 THREDZ Black & White Collection Vol-1

THREDZ Limited Edition Black & White Collection


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