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Bonanza Satrangi Cambric Winter Collection 2015-2016 for Women

Black and white suits consider best outfit when you want to reflect the mourn and sadness. For Muslims what will be more sad than the month of Muharram? Because in Muharram our beloved caliph Hazrat Umer Siddiqui (RA) and grand son of hazrat Mohammad pbuh were martyred . So before the start of Ashura we feel pain; Therefore we wear black or white dresses in Muharram to portray our love with our beloved prophets. We dress simple and avoid parties and gatherings this month so our fashion designer understand us that black and white dresses are basic need of us. So after gul ahmed, lala and shariq; NOW Bonanza Satrangi Cambric - Black & White Collection 2015/16 has been offered. In which theme of Muharram in colors, simplicity in prints and resemblance of Ashura have been perfectly managed by the designers. Apart from proportional representative of Muharram; bonanza is also  with the seasons need which is thick and cozy fabric.

Bonanza Cambric Winter Collection 2015-2016Catalog  for Women

Bonanza winter collection 2015-16 been designed on Cambric and modified into modern cum classy way. The new black and white dress winter collection is titled as Satrangi Cambric because the word satrangi represent ethnicity and aesthetic flairs. Below you can check full catalog magazine of Bonanza satrangi Cambric winter dresses 2015-16 featuring black and white and dual tone colorful silhouettes.

Bonanza Winter Collection 2015 Dresses Fashion Trend

Satrangi Cambric by Bonanza FW Designs


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