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Ittehad Royal Embroidered Fall-Winter Collection 2015-16 Catalog / Magazine

House of ittehad has unveiled fall winter catalog 2015-16; which is carrying Royal Embroidered Collection, Khaddar Collection and Linen Collection. The theme of new winter suits designs is colorful yet luxury. Colors have own theory in order to communicate in the modern world. Colors are proportional representation of the season, mood or event. Without colors; female closet becomes charmless and once again we find ourselves in 16th century. I know no one wants to experience the black and white era in 21st century when everything is modern. Particularly fashion which is beyond our imagination; fashion is playing influential role in our lives. We are impressed with modern trends and always want to stay ahead in being unique. Dress up style, colors, prints and tailoring art - all are the ways to keep us unique and inspiring.Which beautifully amalgamated by Ittehad textile's designers in new dress fall-winter collection 2015-16 for ladies.

House of Ittehad Winter Wear 2015-16 Catalog Consists on...

  1. Royal Embroidered Formal Collection
  2. Printed Khaddar Collection
  3. Printed Casual Linen Collection
Ittehad textiles use to amalgamate all inspiring stuff together and give long lasting freshness to women wardrobe. Though it's being encircle around printing art, new designs of clothes or embroidery techniques; house of ittehad understands what make us curious and how fashionistas fall in love. This fall winter season; ittehad is using state of art in order to add timeless appeal in winter trends. It has launched winter collection 2015-2016 catalog by focusing on that how can provide innovative values of fashion and become style icon. 

Ittehad Fall-Winter Royal Embroidered Linen Khaadar Catalog / Magazine

Royal Embroidered Linen Khaadar Series for girls

 Khaadar Clothes by Ittehad

Linen Suiting by Ittehad


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