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RajBari Winter Embroidered Linen Shawl Dresses Collection 2015-2016

Chilly weather is around you; so what you are wishing for? Linen, cotton, Cambric or anything else? Don't know exactly that what you want to wear to spice up your winter fashion story; but repeating one after another Cambric fashion trends; now we have decided of change. Change in form of linen and linen in form of embroidery. Rajbari presents fall / winter embroidered linen collection for semi formal activities. Linen is cozy and comfortable fabric which have natural fibers which keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Therefore those women are living in northern areas, Punjab or hilly area - where snowfall is essential in fall winter - love to wear linen suiting. They especially collect linen dresses design to protect themselves from unpredicted temperature. So Rajbari has thought about those women's and launched embroidered shawls linen dress collection. These linen dresses designs are suitable for semi formal and evening wear because stylized in modern formal manner.

Rajbari - Premium linen with pashmina shawls 2015-2016

The theme of linen collection is traditional but inspiring mix and match of colors and printing art is making it alluring. RajBari embroidered linen has strong fibers and unfadeable colors. Rajbari has followed the winter theme and paired the embroidered linen dresses with shawls. The shawls are dyed and woven in same color of the shirt and salwar. Mostly darker shades have been amalgamated on linen with florid and brighter textures.
Embroidery is key embellishment of Rajbari linen winter collection 2015-16 which has been sprinkled on necklines and borders have are decorated with captivating prints. With Shawls, linen is looking perfect for winter fashion trends.

RajBari Winter Embroidered Linen

RajBari Winter Embroidered Linen

RajBari Embroidered Linen Fall Winter

RajBari Embroidered Linen Fall Winter

RajBari Winter Collection 2015

RajBari Winter Linen Collection 2015

RajBari Winter Embroidered Linen Shawl Dresses


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