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Winter Galore by Taana Baana : Embroidered Winter Collection 2015-16

Taana Baana introduced fall winter collection 2015-16 with remarkable variety of prints. The most innovative patterns style are Victorian, Rangoli, Chicken Kari, Old Continental, Cross Stitch Kurti, Kashmiri, Daman Embroidery, Kashmiri Indian, Cross Stitch Floral, Cross Stitch Pattern and Islamic. 'Taana Baana' is a typical word that defines winding or binding. So we can say that taana baana clothing aims to bound us with our heritage and norms in most contemporary way. You might not agree with us but if you bought taana-baana dresses and experienced the real aesthetic charm then it is undeniable fact that taana baana collections portray rich sensibility of east. 

Taana Baana Winter Dress Collection for Girls 2015-16

The new winter collection 2015-16 titles as 'Winter Galore' also reviving the ancient charm in very pretty feminine manner. The designer  of Taana Baana has offered myriads of fabrics (Viscos Khadar, Bambo Slub, Karandi, Viscos Slub) with regional cum cultural designs concept. They have picked viscose to khaddar and and woolen fabrics and particularly pashmina's to enchant the loyal clientele.
Taana baana's identical features in new winter catalog dresses are plush embroideries, delicate florid textures and softest quality fabric made by natural fibers. Another thing which attract you is ethnic style and contemporary tailoring but drawn from the classic layouts. 

 Taana Baana Winter Embroidered Fabric Collection 2015


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