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Gul Ahmed Shoes & Bags Winter Designs 2015-16

Handbags and footwear are two basic accessories to look savvy and modern. Almost every girls loves to carry unique and advance accessories designs. And since then carrying handbag has became fashion then girls are finding something pleasant in bags fashion. Though there are several types of fashionable handbags exists in markets but designer handbags has own importance. Now carrying multi pocket bags with matching footwear is very popular. Which has solved two main problems of girls. Yes, these days trend of handbags and shoes pair by best international brands is prominent. In which leather made bags with tiger prints, leopard, crocodile and other textured footwear in same color is getting overwhelming response. So How Pakistani designer left behind in global fashion? No way that is why Gul ahmed has bravely stepped ahead to compete with global fashion by launching Ideas Designer Shoes & Bags Winter Collection 2015-16

Gul Ahmed Latest Shoes And Bags Winter 2015 Collection 

This designer accessory range features handbags and shoes range created in same color and available in pair. In which with diverse designs and unique embellishments, gul ahmed has offered a pack of winter footwear with colorful bags to make you happy and catchy in fall season. In which tribal patterns, vintage art and urdu alphabets have been used by embroideries to adorn the bags and shoes.  Gul Ahmed Shoes & Bags Winter Designs 2015 are best to club with traditional suits to contemporary tops and jeans. So either you are ultra chic women of traditional lady; just get a pair of Gul Ahmed Bag and Shoes Winter Collection 2015-16 and find a new and classy style of accessory.

Winter Footwear / Handbags for Girls


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