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Nickie Nina Neh Shikar Bridal Collection 2015-2016 - Wedding Wear Designs

After a long break; a Pakistani brand has looked backed into the fashion industry. Nickie Nina - a very influencing artist who's efforts and struggles are undeniable and particularly in bridal wear fashion this designer duo is worth describing. Nickie Nina are super star of their time and they also reserved limelight with brilliance of design and feminine charm. Then suddenly Nickie Nina disappeared from the fashion screen and fashionistas had lost precious style ideas. But this winter you feel lucky because Nickie Nina have responded very delightfully for fall winter by adding bridal collection 2015/16 designs. In which she experimented the natural with neutral and wild life.   

Nickie Nina Winter Bridal Collection 2015-2016

Nickie Nina's new line is Neh Shikar- Bridal Collection 2015 and it captures the rich aesthetic of Asia and luxury. First time fashionistas will see glamour with wild appeal and commemoration of natural habit are. This newest bridal collection as Neh Shikar by Nickie Nina is treating our traditional styles with wild art but with glamorous touch. You will adventure the nature and bold with beauty together in Neh Shikar bridal gowns dresses.

Nickie Nina Designer Wedding Wear Dresses for Brides


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