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Charizma Winter Collection Vol-3 2015-16 | Leather Peach ( Velvet / Pasmina Shawls )

Charizma presents volume 3 of fall winter 2015-16 collection on worth describing fabrics of leather peach with velvet pashmina shawls. Unbeatable, quality assured and priceless designing are motto of Charizma in every seasonal collection. But this winter; charizma has proved Itself a fashion friendly yet pocket friendly label by presenting catalogs like range volume 1/2 and charizma winter collection volume 1-2. In which diversity was key feature with unique touch of aesthetic. That is why quickly grabbed the fashionistas attention through magic of innovation. Charizma's leather peach velvet was one among effortless stylish article that had recalled the ancient styles with modern trims and decoration. Pakistani women from all around the globe has appraise riaz arts leather peach dresses and still few products like LP 120 & LP 118 are in demand. So after getting such overwhelming requests; finally charizma introduced another embroidered winter dress collection featuring warm leather peach, cozy marina wool and softest luxury velvet shawls.

Charizma Winter Collection Vol-3 2015-16 

This innovative combination of fabrics also has unique quality of designing. Such as colors are impression of eastern culture and cold gloomy nights; prints are amalgamated in bases to add a charm of simplicity. Apart from simple and quite wintery textures; embellishment has own worth in charizma winter collection vol 3- 2015-16. Because each design is brilliantly highlighted by minimal but intricate thread work and every dress has unique embroidery patterns. Charizma winter vol3 by riaz art ls is consists on 24 elegant suits and 12 designs available in two color ways. As far as riaz arts has unveiled the prices then it will be around 4900 or 5000 pkr.

Charizma Leather Peach Velvet / Pasmina Shawls Collection Vol-3 2015-16


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