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Cross Stitch Winter Unstitched Linen Collection 2015-16 - New Year Parties

Cross Stitch presents Cotton Satin, Karandi and Linen 1-PC, 2-Pc unstitch and ready to wear collection for women. Linen is most wearable cloth of winter in northern and interior areas. Though in Karachi people just wear it as hobby because here season is not so much cold like other parts. Linen fabric has all must have attributes of cold season such as coziness, warm and soft textures therefore people adopt it to feel more comfortable and to avoid dry skin problems of fall winters. Once upon a time when linen fabric was casual wear cloth but nowadays linen is formal wear fabric too due to modern customization and exquisite printing art. 'Cross stitch' who highlight needle work in its fabric has played major role to make linen to perfect for formal events by adding allure of digital prints. Recently, cross stitch winter 2-PC linen dress collection has been displayed in which the label has offered distinct application of glossy prints on bit shiny dyed linen. 

Cross Stitch Winter Formal Linen Collection 2015-16

Cross stitch linen has very fine woven textures and dyed with strong colors. Durable dying and unfadeable prints have quite impressive in digital printed linen with glamorous appeal. Apart from that simple trims are right touch of style in cross stitch winter collection. After jacquard tunics; bringing such charismatic designed linen in winter fashion trend reveals their hardwork and rich skills. Cross stitch has not only offered remarkable 2 piece shirt and trouser range as well as prices are more complimentary. Cross stitch linen 2016 is simply chic yet friendly winter evening wear, new year holiday wear or Christmas festive wear style that add essential drama and charm with ultra-chic fashion. 

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