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Subhata Khaddar Embroidered Shawl 2016 | Formal Embroidered Suits

Shariq textile is ultimate solution of the growing demand of modern fashion. it has rapidly culminated itself a successful women's wear through creativity of designs and uniqueness in classic styles. It celebrates women's-hood and delivers them fresh and traditional in every aspect of fashion. Therefore when any type of seasonal semi formal or casual wear we need then we look towards Shariq textile dresses. It's state of the art with perfection, quality and timeless appeal can deliver all best attributes which you need for distinct style. And this fall winter 2015-2016; Shariq textiles has proven itself best wardrobe need by introducing antique patterns library in Rabea Embroidered Shawl, Subhata Linen Print, Exclusive Khaddar Shawl, Deeba Luxury Embroidered and Feminine Luxury Shawl.

Subhata Khaddar Formal Embroidered Shawl Suits 2016

As far as Subhata Khaddar embroidered winter collection is concern then a very pleasant, colorful and heritage drawn fashion. Which features aesthetic colors glory with floral artsy and feminine styles. On khaddar fabrics combination of shawl and embroidery work is adding elegance and class. And all above that use of formal attributes with low price tags is really inspiring element in Subhata Khaddar Embroidered Winter Shawl. You will feel energetic, charming and worth watching personality after wearing new Subhata Khaddar Dresses by Shariq winter catalog 2015-16.

Subhata Formal Embroidered Khaddar Suits with Shawl  Designs


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