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Tena Durrani Winter Pret 2015-16 Fashion for Girls | Pret Designs

A artist with fairy tale imagination, a designer of exquisite design formula, a female who understands needs of women - proudly presents Tena Durrani Pret Collection 2015/16. A digital range of tunics made by silk and ideal for winter evenings. Teena durrani designed perfect funky ensembles for girls occasional needs while concentrating on comfort and coziness for the chilled season. Tena's pret silk tunics captures the graphical patterns and florid essence to architecture shapes sprinkled through bold and dazzling hues. The hues are looks like that inspired by deep and dark tones of fire and sun which have been amalgamated into patterns with elegance. The shades of yellow, green, black, blue and reds are really wisely mixed into Tena's printing blend to make inspiring to tunics. Moreover wavy, loose and flowy cuts are adding a touch of simplicity. As simplicity is perfect to make timeless yet flawless clothes, So Tena Durrani has carefully embellished pret tunics shirts and made feminine collection. 

Tena Durrani Winter Fashion 2015-16 Pret Designs for Girls

Designer Tena Durrani doesn't need any word to describe her, her label is enough to tell you who she is. What she thinks about Pakistani fashion and women. That is why we have warmly accepted her and like to adorn us in her designs.  She has creative concept for formal wear, bridal dress and luxury pret and every section she celebrates individuality with femininity and glamour. Here Tena Durrani pret tunics combines all her best ideas for winter fashion trends and making you happy with new design and style formula.  

Tena-Durrani Winter Pret Silk Shirts Collection 2015-16


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