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Top-6 2016-2017 Bridal / Party Wear Fashion Trends

Whenever festive season comes around us then we likes to follow formal fashion though it is simple of fancy. Every one seems choosy in selection of formal dress such as bride want to feel comfortable and classy, groom wants to be with culture and selects traditional attire, guest and family or friends also give especial attention on their wedding function dresses. One common question which flashes in mind of all from guest to wedding couple; What should be best for the event? What they wear which gives then catchy personality? Such questions compos mentis us that what we are going to pick. So today Clothing9 has started a section in which we will highlight some latest bridal and party wear trends.
These are celebrities looks and hope you will like these fashion transforming ideas. Top-6 2016-2017 Bridal / Party Wear Fashion Trends has been taken from paparazzi magazine. It is faraz mana bridal collection 2016 has been shown to tell you that what you can wear if you are bride or groom, how you can choose wedding reception dress. On the other hand top-6 different styles have been picked for formal of bride and wedding guest wear. Let's look at Top-6 2016-2017 Bridal / Party Wear Fashion Trends.

Top-6 Party Wear Fashion Trends 2016-2017

1- Studio's Sari with Pant - Try the hippest new formal attire this wedding season and say bye bye to boaring petticoats.
2- House of Gota ( Kamiar Rokni ) - This season gota embellishment is all the rage. We love the return of this age-old techniques.
3- Ali Xeeshan Chaddars - Show off an exquisite chaddar and be snug in style.
4- Faraz Manan Luxury Pants - Embellished pants are your ticket to pulling of this season's hottest looka.
5- Ammara Khan Shalwars - As party wear 2016-17 shalwars are back and we are hoping they are here to stay.
6- Elan Dhoti Pants - Tired of the ordinary pants and shalwars? Be experimental and throw on a pair of dhoti pants.

Top-6 2016-2017 Bridal Wear Fashion Trends

1- Misha Lkhani Kaftan's - exotic, sensual and a definite must-have, we are loving this attire.
2- Shehla Chatoor Fur - Don't be afraid to drape yourself in fur this wedding season to add glamour to your look.
3- Kmmiar Rokni Tunics with Flares Pants - another way to be complimenting, tunics are super hot this season and when paired with flared pants they are even hotter.
4- Elan Belts Flatter your figure this wedding season with a belt.
5- Wardha Saleem Culottes - Culottes are the perfect pants to get you through this winter.
6- Sania Ali Saris with Jacket - Wear your Saree with a twist in style of sania ali.


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